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i found a dinosaur in hawaii. we’re friends.
Getting Abstract Underwater
Dancing In The Light
Let’s quit our jobs and become cattle ranchers just up above from where the sun nestles into the ocean.
Going to the rodeo is the most patriotic thing I was willing to do today. I think that was the right choice. Happy 4th of July!
Star Trails Over A Glowing Volcano // Kilauea, Hawaii
The active volcano is smoking in the background as the sunset blasts down on Kilauea Iki.
Sunset from 14,000 above sea level. 
Location: Mauna Kea Summit, Hawaii
Date: May, 2014
Going Against The Grain // Hawaii
Model: Jasmine Desbiens
Location: Hawaii Island
A Mystic Mesquite // Through The Fog //Mauna Kea - Hawaii
Surface Light
Model: Jasmine Desbiens
Hawaii, USA
Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning
Honey, while the stars are still shining
Wake up, would you like to go with me
Honey, take a run down to the beach
I wanna go surfin’
Peace In The Valley
This gecko appreciates the humor found inside a good photobomb, too. You are totally rad, my little lizard friend.
Spent a morning with Mama Lily, an 87 year young Kapuna, whom I am so very fortunate to know, while she cut down bananas with a machete. As I was photographing her, she told us how she was able to cure a bleeding ulcer with sap procured from banana plants. Her Hawaiian medicine knowledge is infinite. Feeling very blessed. Mahalo, Hawaii!

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